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The Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club has been a Pikes Peak Region tradition since 1922. It is a unique group of mountaineers, who each year on December 30th and 31st, climb the icy slopes of Barr Trail on the east face of world famous Pikes Peak. Then, at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, AdAmAn members and their guests ignite a glorious fireworks display from the summit to usher in the New Year.


Our Club is dedicated to the memory of the original "Frozen Five", Ed Morath, Fred Morath, Fred Barr, Willis Magee and Harry Standley. Their idea was that each year, only one new member would be added to the Club, and as a result, the name AdAmAn (add a man) was chosen. Each year, members choose one new member from a list of applicants.


Our climbing party of thirty members and guests leaves the trailhead of Barr Trail on December 30th, with an overnight stay at Barr Camp. On December 31st, we flash mirrors from our location at timberline to friends and families in the Colorado Springs area. In the early afternoon, we finish the ascent to the summit. The climb from timberline (12,000 feet) to the 14,110-foot summit is often accomplished on icy and snow swept slopes with wind chills of -50 degrees.


At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, we fire a spectacular fireworks display, which on a clear night, can be seen for hundreds of miles along the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies and eastern plains.


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Guest Climbers Selected

The guest application process has been closed for the 2014-15 climb.  Notification of applicants selected for this year's climb will occur within a couple days of the annual meeting.

Check Back Next Year

We open the Guest Climb Application process in mid October each year and close it on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.   On the first Saturday of December we go through the arduous task of selecting guest climbers from the applicant list and the new member from the group of guests who have climbed with us in the past (it's not uncommon to climb as a guest for ten or more years before becoming a member).  If you'd like to be considered as a guest climber, please check back next October and fill out the on-line application.


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